The Helmet Lab STEM Outreach program has reached:

K-12 Students



The Helmet Lab engages in outreach for K-12 students year-round in several different capacities. Formal and informal mentorship for student projects is available over phone or email. Through that avenue alone, we have reached students in 15 states and 4 countries. Visits and tours can be facilitated throughout the day for up to 20 students at a time to learn about sports safety and engineering research. Students are also welcome to send or bring their design prototypes for preliminary testing for science fair or school projects. Please make requests at least two weeks prior to your visit to determine lab availability.

Hands-on “build-a-helmet” activities are periodically organized in the lab for science classes, camps, and other student groups interested in learning the details of designing a safer helmet. Students are led through a team-based design activity to build and test their own helmet, similarly to how products are tested in the lab. The activity is designed to accommodate up to 15 students (ages 9 to 17) and last 60-90 minutes. Teachers and STEM coordinators in the surrounding area are encouraged to contact the Helmet Lab outreach coordinator for more information.